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Axis Online Ethylene Oxide Scrubbers has been designed to work with all models of Axis AX series sterilizers. It use online installation technology of exhaust line of sterilizer and provide simply connections usage without tools. The scrubber body and hoses; made of stainless steel and consist of four units MICROCARB special activated carbon filter cartridge which remove more than 99,9% of the Ethylene Oxide.Through Axis AX series sterilizers which are built-in with extractor fan, external extractor fan and power requirement has been eliminated.

  • Four Stages 
  • High Efficiency
  • Easy Installation and Replacement
  • Eliminates risk of leakage thanks to it’s simple design and connections
  • Extra room, pipe and extractor fan free
  • Automatically filter change time warning availa by digital sensing when the pressure is dropped

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