Model AY BM24 - Reaping Machine


It can be installed to all types of tractor by means tree- point- hyraulic- links. İt Works through a shaft installed to P.T.O. The power is sent to the cutting system by means of a group of gears and a cam shaft going through the gears it engages the cumb to move side ways. Wth a cruising speed of 5-7 kms/hour. The rotary wing pres the stalks towards the cutting system for cutting ease. When the cut stalk reaches to reasonable amount on the cutting platform, the driver pulls sring which activates one of the wing to sweep the platform and leave stalk on the field as bunches. When the cutters meet object like stone, woot or iron, the safety guard system engages and caused the shaft to disangage and thus saves the cutters.


Cutting width (mm) 1700

Cutting height (mm) 40 – 80

Total width (mm) 2870

Total length (mm) 3400-3485-3600

Total heigth (mm) 2600

Weight (kg) 80

Working speed (km/hour) 6 – 7

P.T.O (rpm) 540

Working capacity (hek/hour) 9 – 11

Shaft system Safety Clutch

Number of cutter 22 - 24

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