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- Model 150 - Stationary Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter



The Aysix 150, has a wide variety of input and output options and is intended to be able to cover the majority of applications within one single flowmeter. This will help to keep flowmeter selection simple for the customer and allow for uniformity of supply. The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters work on the transit-time method. This is based on the principle that sound waves travelling with the flow will move faster than those travelling against it. The resulting difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently to the volumetric flow rate.

The ultrasonic transducers (sensors) of the flowmeter are mounted on the external surface of the pipe and are used to generate and receive pulses. The flowing liquid within causes time differences in the ultrasonic signals, which are evaluated by the flowmeter to produce an accurate flow measurement. The advanced electronics of the flowmeter compensate for and adapt to changes in the flow profile and medium temperature to deliver reliable measurements.

The meter is a fixed-installation clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter for non-invasive and non-intrusive flow measurement of liquids and liquified gases in fully filled pipes. It can be supplied with one or two measurement channels. This enables the flowmeter to simultaneously monitor up to two separate pipes. Alternatively, a dual-channel setup can be used for a two-path mouthing configuration of the sensors on the one single pipe. Additionally, the 150 offers optional functions for heat quantity and concentration measurement with process input, output and serial communication options available. These features are complemented by an optional internal datalogger and software for the recording and download of measured values. Thanks to its intuitive instrument menu, Setup Wizard, and Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™ the flowmeter can be set up and its sensors correctly installed in a matter of minutes. Optional transmitter and transducer versions are  available for installation in hazardous areas

  • Lockable and sturdy IP 66 transmitter enclosure with keypad and multifunctional display
  • Bi-directional measurement with totalizer function
  • Software for offline/online data transfer via RS 232 or USB cable
  • Transmitter and transducer options approved for use in hazardous area Zone 1 or 2

General Specifications

  • Measurement Principle: Ultrasonic transit-time difference correlation
  • Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 ... 25 m/s
  • Resolution: 0.25 mm/s
  • Repeatability: 0.15% of measured value, ±0.015 rnls
  • Power Supply: 100 ... 240 V AC 50/60 Hz 9 ... 36 V DC
  • Display: LCD graphic display, 128 x 64 dots, backlit

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