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Aysix Technologies offers reliable wireless solutions for sending and receiving process information up to 20 miles. Providing solutions for everyday applications or within explosion proof areas, point to point, or multi-point with frequency hopping, self healing, 900mhz for long distances, and 2.5Ghz for shorter range is all within our scope.  Tereh is even a battery operated solution, with or without explosion-proof options for areas without power.  We have solutions that are quicker to implement that wire, may be more cost effective than running wire. Questions about your particular application? We can provide you with a proven solution, with an onsite demonstration for peace of mind. Just call us.

Combining simplicity and functionality in an industrial point to point RF transceiver, the receiver and transmitter offer quick installation and reliable transmission of a 4-20mA or thermocouple signal and two digital inputs and outputs. RF channels are dip switch selectable, no computer is required for setup. 1 Watt of RF power ensures excellent distance and reliability in the harshest of environments. In RSSI mode the RF signal strength can be monitored. Operating at 900 MHz with industry proven frequency hopping spread spectrum maintains signal integrity and provides excellent transmission distance. A low power 2.4GHz, 63mW DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum ) version is available. 

 Requirements for wireless are generally not critical for smaller distance, and applications that have multiple wireless points that will self heal. This means that if for some reason communication between two points is broken, the device will search for anther device to communicate with, and pass along to the end receiver.   For long distances, line of sight is required.   A repeater can be used to achieve this.  This usually involves mounting the transmitting antennae, or repeater in a tower, or a high location that permits a clear line of sight to the receiver. Your distributor has a test kit and can go to your site to prove out your actual application.

  • Up to 20 Miles / 32 Kms Coverage
  • Discrete, Analog, AnaBus, and Modbus Communication
  • Thermocouple and RTD Inputs
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • 900 MHz 1 W for Long Distances
  • 900 Mhz 500 mW for Medium Range
  • 2.5 GHz for Condensed Applications
  • Explosion Proof Antennaes
  • Available Repeaters for Difficult Applications
  • Battery Powered and or Explosion-Proof
  • Signal Strength Indicator and Alarm
  • Field Configurable

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