- Model AZS-CT-C-0 - Seafood Drying Oven

Introduction of Air Circulation Seafood Drying Oven CT-C-0 seafood drying oven is a kind of small mechanical seafood dryer for drying fish and shellfish to remove the water from them for preserving seafood. This seafood dryer machine is tray dryer whose heating source can be supplied by electricity, steam, hot water or far infrared ray, but the most common used is electric heating. The temperature of hot air generated by electricity ranges from 50℃ to 350℃. The hot air is blown into the drying oven by the fan and most of these hot air circulates evenly in the drying oven, so the heat efficiency is highly improved. If you need a large commercial seafood drying machine, we can customize it for you. Working Principle of Hot Air Circulation Seafood Dryer Machine Hot air circulation seafood dryer machine adopts circulating ventilation. Circulating fan sends the air source to the heater to get hot air, and then the hot air passes through the air duct into the inner chamber of dryer. ...

Technical Dada of Air Circulation Seafood Drying Oven

Heating Method
Temperature of Drying Chamber
Tray Size(mm)
Power of Fan
Electric heating
0.45 kw

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