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- Model OSM - Water Desalination with Reverse Osmosis Membranes



Water desalination with Reverse Osmosis membranes. Water desalination plant Azud Watertech OSM SOX/SOW/SSW, to provide desalinated water for irrigation and industrial use, through brackish or sea water desalination with reverse osmosis membranes. The RO process is based on the application of high pressure to a concentrated solution of salts in contact with a semi permeable membrane (which allows the passage of water and retains the salts), to reserve the natural process of osmosis to obtain a salt-free water (permeate) and a rejection (brine) whith high salt concentration.

  • Reverse Osmosis membranes desalination, to remove dissolved pollutants in water, such as mineral salts, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive elements, etc.
  • More energy efficiency than other desalination systems (distillation).
  • Physical-chemical pretreatments and automatic-scheduled preventive actions to prevent RO membranes clogging with suspended solids, salts precipitates and/or bio fouling.
  • No need of chemicals reagents and unnecessary consumables which generate cost and dependence.
  • Fully autonomous operation, ensuring the water quality and the maximum equipment protection. No need of qualified and permanent staff.
  • Very compact and modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and commissioning. Without civil works. Without setbacks.

  • Silex and Anthracite media filtration.
  • Microfiltration cartridge.
  • High pressure pump with Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Reverse Osmosis membranes desalination.
  • Anti-scale dosing.
  • Flushing and CIP skid.
  • Measurement and control equipment.
  • Electrical panel and automation and control system.
  • Framework, piping and electric connections. Testing.

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