Dürr Megtec LLC

- Dioxin and Furan Reduction Technologies



MEGTEC provides powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection technology, a technically and commercially proven approach, for dioxin and furan emission reduction. We integrate PAC with other mercury control technologies to deliver the lowest operating cost system while achieving compliance with mercury emission requirements. Our spray dryer absorber (SDA) technology, when integrated with our pulse jet fabric filter and dry sorbent injection (DSI) technologies, utilize PAC injection as part of an integrated approach to high performance particulate, mercury and acid gas emissions control.

Our evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems cool gas streams and can adjust the moisture content of a gas stream to a specific humidity. By quickly cooling below the critical re-formation temperature, the evaporative cooler reduces dioxin and furan formation in offgases. Our systems also enhance performance of electrostatic precipitators, protect process equipment from heat or spark damage, and reduce gas volumes.

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