Backyard Aquaponics System



The perfect aquaponics system for everyone from the advancing hobbyist to the beginning commercial grower. We have successfully grown over one hundred varieties of produce in this system throughout our initial testing period and it has proven itself to be robust and problem-free. The kit includes all major components needed to construct the aquaponics system as shown*. System uses 747 total watts ($53.78/mo @ $0.10/ kWh). Provides 1,176 planting sites on 6' centers, and 864 planting sites on 8' centers. System size can be even be doubled to better suit your needs.

System includes:

  • 4 x 830-gal fish culture tanks.
  • Complete filtration system.
  • All major plumbing.
  • Aeration equipment.
  • Energy-efficient centrifugal water pump.
  • Enough liner to build four 24' x 4' x 12' growing troughs.

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