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Bag Opener/Splitter


The Bag Opener/Splitter come Even Feeder can be fed by a hopper or conveyor.The bag falls onto the revolving drum and is transported towards the static knives.The helical placement of the blades allows for maximum impact from each blade.Opening  of the bag does not affect the material.The newly designed pressure blades enable the Bag Opener/Splitter come Even Feeder to work automatically so when pressure is built up in-between the drum and the blades, the blades move out to relieve the material automatically.The blades can be adjusted according to the material being used, i.e. small and large bags and fine materials.The pressure blade unit can be removed from the machine for easy cleaning.Can be mounted on top of a cross conveyor, inline conveyor or elevator.Conveyors, elevators and graders can be supplied at very competitive prices

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