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- Modular Steel Bin & Hoppers Systems



Baker-Rullman has been supplying the highest quality modular, bolt together bin and hopper systems available on the market. These systems  have been used for storing, seperating, aerating, and delivering: Feed & feed ingredients, Seed, Mining and stone aggregate, Grains, Plastic, Wood pellets.


When assembled the Baker-Rullman system replaces the need for additional skelatal structural support as it creates its own support system.

Our support systems are capable of supporting operating floors, conveyors, distributors, screens, fork-trucks, and scales, all in addition to  a head house or roof.


Based on the simple goal of minimizing field work and maximizing value, our variety of panel options (corrugated, cellular, double-wall, and smooth wall) can be used in almost any bulk handling application. Our proprietary connection methods, material gauges, and manufacturing techniques provide a superior product that lead to the lowest installed cost possible and highest future expandability.


The unique design of Baker-Rullman hoppers virtually eliminates the need for field welding or installing flashing as our hoppers are fabricated and shipped with integral flashing and seats. Hoppers can be designed in limitless configurations including square-toround, offset, or rectangular discharges to integrate with virtually any equipment downstream.


In addition to the major support steel, Baker-Rullman also supplies ladders, catwalks, platforms, railing fall protection beams, and trusses for virtually all other components of your plant. With several professional engineers on staff, licensed in a multitude of states, our systems are compliant with all applicable local, state and federal codes.

Each element of the system is designed to fit and to make installation easier and less costly. Elements of the total system, such as the support tower for a grain elevator are often pre-fabricated by Baker-Rullman. They arrive at the plant site in sizable, pre-assembled sections for faster erection. The bolt-on method employed by Baker-Rullman provides a recommended installation sequence that assures a secure structure that’s erected in less time.


Baker-Rullman bins systems were first used in the feed mill industry. With the half-century of experience in supplying equipment to the industry came a thorough knowledge of feed mill operations and optimization.

Whether pre-grind or post-grind, dry or wet, livestock or pet, Baker- Rullman adds value in every aspect of your facility design. This value added engineering is always included with each Baker-Rullman product.

Baker-Rullman’s modular corrugated bolt together design is not only perfectly suited for feed ingredients but for seed corn bulk storage as well as for double-pass and single-pass reversing dryers.

Additionally, Baker-Rullman can take lead on auxiliary portions of the facility or can recommend several qualified and experienced EPC or DB contractors to handle a turnkey project as well as erectors and millwrights to install our equipment on-time and on-budget.

Our seed dryers can be supplied in virtually any configuration or size for all of your foundation and commercial production needs. By integrating components of the dryer such as shell-out doors, inclined floors, fan dampers, exhaust grates, etc., into your panels there is no additional field assembly required. Simply bolt together the full-length panels and the dryer cell and air supply plenum are ready to operate. In addition to the panels and structure, Baker-Rullman also designs and supplies additional components such as:

  • Gas trains
  • Let-down ladders
  • Fans
  • Aeration floors
  • Fill and shell-out conveyors
  • Building components

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