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- Model MP 8000 - Lamp Recycling Systems



The MP8000 is the largest unit in the Balcan Lamp Recycler Range. It combines the Multi Purpose unit along with a high capacity conveyor loaded crushing system to handle flouorescent tubes at a rate of 5000 per hour.


  • Whole lamps 5000 fl tubes / hour
  • Crushed lamps 4000-5000 / hour
  • Mix (crushed & whole) 5000 / hour
  • Weight equivalent 1800-2000Kg / hour

Electrical Requirements:

  • Each unit is supplied to customers available electrical supply and country requirements Consumption: Max. 25kW 3Ph
  • Compressed air: 7.2Nm3/h (4.5CFM)
  • Supply pressure: 6 bar
  • Connection pipe: 0,75' thread

Mercury (Hg) Emissions from final exhaust:

  • Typically 0.001 -0.002mg/m3
  • Max Permissible 0.025mg/m3
  • Estimated carbon filter life: 5 years

Output Fractions:

  • Glass, End Caps (metal or plastic depending on lamps processed. If lamps are mixed for processing then the end cap fraction will be mixed.) Mercury Bearing Phosphor Powder
  • Residual Contamination & Leachate Values Analysed as water: Max 0.025mg/l Analysed as Bulk Product: Typically 1-3mg/Kg

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