- Model 110L/1 - Baling Press


The “L“ series of baling presses have been designed specifically for high moisture content material such as municipal solid waste. The Mac 110/L has the same characteristics as the Mac 110/1 series, such as low energy consumption and resistance to wear, but contains more “Hardox 500” to combat the corrosive effect of wetter materials. The tying system has been designed with needle gates and a retractable tying mechanism to ensure a more reliable tying cycle when baling this difficult “wet” material. Leachate conveyors can be supplied as an optional extra. Placed underneath the main baler extrusion chamber they collect the liquid squeezed from the material during the baling cycle, transported by the leachate conveyor it is collected and later disposed of in a safe manner. The “L” series can be supplied to use steel or plastic wire.

Changing wire type is a straightforward operation and using plastic wire enables the whole bale to be incinerated if baling refuse derived fuel.

Brief Specifications

Motor: 1 x 92 kw
Ram thrust: 170 tonne
Loading volume: 2.7 cu. m
Cycle time 15 seconds

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