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Model Up to DN 700-1400 MM PN 12.5 M - Ball Valves for Main Gas Transportation



The development of the valves was conducted in accordance with OTS-3PA and API 6D requirements. The construction of the series ball valves with the whole-welded body. Depending on the customer’s needs, the valves can be shipped with pneumatic and hydraulic drivers, electro-hydraulic, electric or manual drivers.

  • The support at the valve joint allows excluding the valve’s misadjustment at the driver’s replacement at the valve cut into the pipeline and, thereby, providing complete interchangeability of drivers.
  • Strengthening the body details operating under pressure and bearing the loads and changing the technology of performing.
  • The geometry of the throat fastening is changed and strengthened.
  • The materials used and the geometry of joining elements of the valve with the driver allow transferring of the maximum torque to the stopper at the maximum pressure drop in the valve’s lock and operational pressure in the driver’s cylinder providing reliable operation and excluding emergency situations.
  • The seat is strengthened according to the increased pressure, the supply system of the lubricant and hermetic paste to the seat’s gasket is updated. The calibration tightening and gluing with anaerobic glues for the gasket is applied.
  • To achieve class A valve’s tightness in a wide range of pressures, the stopper is made from steel with the increased mechanical properties KP 295. The stopper is increased and its hardness is improved.
  • The construction of the mounting surface according to ISO 5211 ensures the installment of drivers from any manufacturers without using any special transition columns.
  • The spindle gasket uses polyurethane cups instead of rubber.
  • The implementation of X-form gaskets from polyurethane in the throat-body joint excludes gas leaks;
  • The technology of resource-increasing surface and energetic modification of the sealing elements is implemented.
  • The valve’s construction provides the removal of static electricity from the stopper;
  • All thread-joints use anaerobic hermetic glues allowing their reliable stoppage.

Upgrade of the Driver’s Construction Preserving Its Force and Reducing Its Weight/Size Characteristics Keeping the Torque:

  • The scheme of driver’s work which separates the operational cylinders to gas (ensuring the mobility of the valve from the control unit) and hydraulic (ensuring the smoothness of movement and valve stoppage with the manual pump). It allows excluding the possibility of liquid flow from hydraulic chamber to the gas.
  • The sizes are optimized and kinematic driver’s scheme is changed, in particular, the construction of the driver with a discharge line and a plate is changed to one-stem construction.

It allows:

    • reducing the weight/size characteristics of the driver to 15-20%;
    • reducing the volume of liquid used to 1.5-2 times;
    • decreasing the gas emissions when rearranging the valve to 1.5-2 times
  • Friction bearings from metal fluorine plastic with lower friction rate than bronze bearings are used;
  • The technology of resource-increasing surface and energetic modification for driver’s gaskets processing is applied;
  • The bracing of the driving part is completely changed in connection with the modification of the control circuit, where the following is additionally used:
  • Dielectric fuses are used in the impulse line. The control box is completely isolated from the driver’s frame and all dielectric fuses are controlled for any breakdown. It allows excluding any leaks in cathode protection of the pipeline;
  • Together with the Michurinsky plant “Progress” we developed the control units divided into control elements and final switches nodes independently mounted and to be used at operating pressure PN 12.5 MPa.
  • The control elements of the driver are located on one side of the driver making it easier to maintain and use it.
  • Progress plant manufactures a pilot batch of control units of normal open and normal closed type. Recently the sample of the ball valve DN 300 with normal open type drive has been tested at the site of DOAO Orgenergogaz in Saratov and received a recommendation for the serial manufacture in normal open and normal closed type.
  • The documentation for equipping the valve with automatic blowout preventer (ABP) for the operating pressure of 12.5 MPa.

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