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Ballast Water Channel Compliance Support System


Below is a 20 second clip of one of the many lesson plans that is unlocked with a subscription to The Ballast Water Channel. Based on our experience with shipboard water quality testing and use in ballast water treatment system development; Assure Controls understands that crews will be in unfamiliar territory, and that personnel changes on vessels are common. Starting with industry-based, crew-oriented, shipboard operational questions, we combined communication technologies and embedded contextual guidance to create a novel and engaging ballast water compliance management system which is both online (when at port) and onboard (when at sea).

My Ship

The above ballast water training and education packages are your means to a “BW Compliance Support System”, providing online training, builds your documents and plans, and provides updates (these regulations have over 30 known changes anticipated in the first year). This provides you the means to these new requirements at the lowest cost, to instill them as standard operating practices, and ensuring readiness for any PSC inspection or document review.

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