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- Electrolytic Disinfection Ballast Water Treatment System



With its flexible footprint, ease of operation and significant economic benefits, the De Nora TYPE Approved BALPURE electrolytic disinfection ballast water treatment system is fast becoming the preferred method of ballast water treatment among ship owners and managers. De Nora BALPUREballast water treatment offers new and retrofit vessels with a reliable treatment solution to comply with the most stringent ballast water regulations.

The De Nora  BALPURE system’s unique slip stream treatment approach allows the system to be remotely mounted away from the ballast lines and split into small sub-assemblies to minimize other equipment relocation and additional engineering/ship re-designs. This slip stream technology approach allows for operation in low-salinity, low-temperature water quality environments.

The general formula for generating hypochlorite is simple:

NaCl + H2O + electricity --> NaOCl + H2
salt + water + electricity = sodium hypochlorite + hydrogen gas

  • Suitable and IMO Type Approved for all water conditions (seawater, brackish and fresh water)
  • Reliable and flexible solution for both Retrofits and New Builds
  • USCG testing in progress
  • A proven partner and design
  • Unique self-cleaning electrode design minimises maintenance requirements
  • With no significant changes to the design, the same BALPURE concept and design has been rigorously tested and delivered to customers over more than eight years to ensure it remains one of the most trusted solutions available.

De Nora is a market leader in electrolytic seawater disinfection systems with more than 35 years’ experience.

The BALPURE system operates autonomously throughout the ballasting/deballasting cycle. It utilizes a proven electrolytic treatment process to generate a disinfectant solution, in situ and on demand, using only electricity and seawater. A residual disinfectant remains in the vessel’s ballast water tanks during the voyage, eliminating the potential for regrowth of organisms during transit. All active compounds generated in the electrolytic disinfection process are safely neutralized before deballasting.

The BALPURE system design and treatment approach is especially advantageous for crude oil tankers, chemical/product tankers, LNG/LPG carriers, bulk carriers and container ships. BALPURE accommodates ballast water treatment for vessels ranging from 500 to 20,000 m3/h.

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