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- Model VTB.XL Series - Bare Shaft Blowers



The Hibon VTB.XL Series are the only dry positive displacement blowers capable of attaining 95% vacuum. Their design incorporates the benefits of improved assembly. lifetime reliability, better performance  and  interchangeability with the previous range (VTB and SIAV)  as well as smaller blower units.

No oil or water cooling system, high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, lifetime reliability, seal design eliminates the chance that oil will enter the air stream, blowers without maintenance for 40000 hours (except oil each year).

  • Flows of 100 - 11 300 m3/h
  • Pressure to 1 bar (14.5 psig) gauge, to 1.2 bar g. from VTB 840.XL
  • Vacuum to 80 mbar abs (24 “Hg)
  • Air-cooled.
  • Rotors: Three-Lobe Rotors with a one-piece, integral lobe and shaft design for improved quality and reliability. Available in ATEX cat.2 on request.
  • Gears: Helical gears located on the opposite drive side.
  • Oil reservoir: Large oil reservoir for improved bearing lubrication.
  • Oil thrower: Oil thrower and oil passages for good bearing lubrication and long life.
  • Seals: An innovative and unique design that includes 4 piston rings and a shield to insure an oil free operation.
  • Shaft seals: Innovative dynamic shaft seals arrangement, with dust cover.

  • VTB.XL series blowers are engineered primarily for vacuum applications. They can alternatively be used for pressure unloading.
  • Standard applications are:
  • Vacuum trucks (industrial, septic, municipal, etc.);
  • Fly ash vacuum pneumatic conveying
  • Evaporation
  • Centralized plant vacuum;
  • Soil remediation

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