- Model MS2/MS3 - Magnetic Susceptibility System


The magnetic susceptibility system comprises a meter with a range of sensors for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of many types of material including soils, rocks, powders and liquids. It is suitable for use both in the laboratory and in the field.

Magnetic susceptibility measurements provide information about the composition and properties of materials. This is valuable in many areas of scientific investigation. For example, in UXO location, the susceptibility of soil has a strong influence on the efficiency of metal detection techniques; in palaeoclimatology, measurements on sediments can help to determine their origin and the climatic conditions at the time of deposition.

The Bartington MS2/MS3 System is a highly versatile tool. It provides the scientist with the ability to perform high precision measurements in a wide variety of different applications, including:

  • Geological and soil surveys
  • Palaeomagnetics
  • Archaeological prospecting
  • Palaeoclimatic studies
  • Hydrology
  • Sedimentology
  • Core logging and correlation
  • Soil and airborne pollution surveys
  • Analysis of ferrites and magnetic inks
  • Study of micro/nano magnetic particles and fluids

Sensors are available for large area field surveys, core logging, outcrops and small “bottled” samples in a laboratory. Software is supplied to integrate the system with desktop PCs, laptops and handheld GPS/PDA devices.

The Bartington MS2/MS3 System is a reliable, high quality instrument that has earned a reputation as the world standard for environmental magnetic susceptibility measurements. It is widely used by academic and research establishments in many countries.

The MS2/MS3 System operates by generating a low frequency, low intensity, AC magnetic field around the sensor. When sample material is placed near the sensor, the resulting change in this field is sensed by the system and converted to magnetic susceptibility readings for both positive and negative (diamagnetic) values, to a resolution of 2 x 10-6 SI units. The measurements are non-destructive, retaining the sample’s magnetic characteristics, and relatively unaffected by sample conductivity. The sensors are temperature compensated to minimise drift during use.


The MS2 is a portable meter with an integral, four-digit display. It will operate with all MS2 sensors. Powered by internal batteries, it is rechargeable from the mains or a vehicle charging point, with indicators for battery status and charging. Push buttons or a toggle switch are
used for zeroing or taking measurements. The serial connection can be used for control and acquisition of data. A range switch allows the user to select high or low resolution. All sockets and switches are environmentally sealed for outdoor use.

The meter is supplied with a carrying bag for field use, an instrument stand for laboratory use, a universal mains adaptor, a vehicle charger and a serial/USB converter.


The MS3 is a compact, lightweight meter, offering increased performance over its predecessor, the MS2 Meter. It can measure magnetic susceptibility up to 26 SI (compared to 0.1 SI for the MS2), and the measurement period is selectable down to 0.1s minimum. The MS3 Meter provides significant advantages over the MS2 in terms of portability, configurability and connectivity to a PDA device for GPS-logged field work.

This advanced device offers USB connectivity and is completely software controlled. It must be connected to a compatible PC, laptop, PDA or mobile phone (with USB host capability), which provides all measurement control and display. The Bartsoft software supplied with the unit gives the user control over the measurement protocol and speed. It includes options to display data in both chart and table formats. Full details of Bartsoft are shown at the end of this brochure.

The MS3 operates with all MS2 sensors, including the susceptibility/temperature system. The meter is sealed and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, a rugged PDA/GPS is recommended (a fully compatible Trimble Nomad 800L PDA can be supplied).

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