- Model 9200 - Dual Detector Gas Chromatograph



The Baseline 9200 gas analyzer combines the selective detection of a gas chromatograph (GC) with another simultaneous GC application or with the continuous monitoring abilities of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) in a single, compact, sensitive and stable instrument. Building on decades of experience, this instrument has been designed with key features to meet your application requirements. The GC component is specifically designed for sub-part-per billion (sub-ppb) to percent level detection, dependent upon the application, to analyze a multitude of organic and inorganic compounds.

Multiple GC Analyses or GC & Total Gas

  • Unlimited Applications with two detectors
  • Accurate, interference free, detection
  • Combine a continuous analyzer with a GC analysis
  • Custom analyses available

AMETEK MOCON will select the best detectors for your application commonly utilizing Photoionization (PID), High-sensitivity Photoionization (HS-PID), Flame Ionization (FID), or Thermal Conductivity (TCD). Analytical arrangements typically involve a single valve, two column configuration, but may vary depending upon the application and if a dual-GC or GC/THA is being utilized.

The Baseline 9200 touchscreen LCD display and internal system software keep configuration and operation simple and the automatic calibration feature is ideal for unattended operation. The compact size and design make this unit suitable for field applications, allowing for either rack mount configuration or bench top use.

A full suite of user configurable data collection, storage and outputs allow the 9200 to speak your language, your way. Users can configure up to 1 year of on-board storage of chromatograms, ASCII results via RS-232 or LAN, contact closure relays and 4-20 mA analog outputs, all independent of one another.

Automated Control Features

  • FlowGuard control of fuel, air, and sample with automatic shut-off
  • Electronic back-pressure regulator with sample bypass system
  • Automatic calibration at user-defined intervals
  • Continuous unattended operation

Versatile Platform

  • Color LCD display and touch screen with easy to use menu
  • Benchtop or rack-mountable
  • Single or multi-point sampling
  • Ethernet and serial customizable output
  • Programmable analog output ranges
  • Programmable relays for diagnostics, concentration, alarms, and events

Baseline 9200 Dual Detector GC: Units

  • Detector
    • Selected by application:
      • Flame Ionization (FID)
      • Photoionization (PID)
      • High-sensitivity PID (HS-PID)
      • Thermal Conductivity (TCD)
  • Sampling
    • Single or multipoint (4 or 8 pt) internal sampler
    • Internal pump optional
    • Optional external sampler (Baseline 9150) for >8 sample points
  • Columns: Packed, micro-packed, or capillary specific to application
  • Connections: 1/4”or 1/8” OD tube compression fitting or 1/8” legris
  • Sampling: Internal single or multi-point, pump optional
  • Alarms: Multilevel concentration and fault alarms, audible and visual
  • Calibration: Automatic or manual using a dedicated standard
  • Calibration Methods: Gas cylinder, permeation calibrator, or response factors
  • Display: 7” color LCD touchscreen
  • Outputs/Inputs, Standard
    • RS-232
    • LAN/Ethernet
    • 2 USB ports for
  • Outputs/Inputs, Optional
    • I/O Board: 6 digital inputs, 5 relays as contact closures, 1 analog
    • Analog Board: 4 or 8 configurable as 4-20mA or 0-20mA
    • Relay Board: 8 or 16 programmable contact closures
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
  • Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Configuration: Benchtop or 19” (48.3cm) rack-mount, 3U

Other Specifications (all models):

  • Physical Specifications
    • 5.12” H x 19” W x 22.4” D (13 cm x 48.26 cm x 56.9 cm)
    • <30 Lbs. (13.64 kg)
  • Electrical Requirements
    • Voltage: 100 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 2 A

Preventive Maintenance Kit

  • Includes all parts potentially needed on-hand

Baseline 8990 Permeation Calibrator

  • For use with permeation tubes instead of cylinders

Baseline 9130 Sample Conditioner

  • Delivers a particulate and moisture free sample

Baseline 9150 Multipoint Sampler

  • To expand the 9100 GC sample points >8

Gas Generators

  • Hydrogen generators
  • Zero Air generators

Service & Support Options

  • Start-up and training, 1 day onsite

Environmental Monitoring

  • AMC in Cleanrooms
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Fugitive Emission Monitoring

Toxic Gas Monitoring

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Leak Detection
  • OEM PID Sensors

Industrial Process Analysis & Control

  • Beverage Gas Monitoring
  • Industrial Gas Mixing Control
  • Process Gas Analysis
  • Specialty and Industrial Gas Monitoring
  • Surface Logging Analysis

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