- Surface-Logging Gas Analyzer


MOCON's Baseline 9200 PetroAlert® gas analyzer combines the selective detection of a gas chromatograph (GC) with the continuous monitoring abilities of a total hydrocarbon analyzer in a single, sensitive and stable instrument. Specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry’s exploratory surface-logging process, the analyzer’s speed and accuracy allow surface loggers monitoring a drill site to analyze the hydrocarbons (HCs) within a well—both quantitatively and qualitatively—while drilling, making for a more timely evaluation of a well’s potential. The Baseline® 9200 PetroAlert incorporates dual-flame ionization detectors (FIDs): one dedicated to the GC and the other to total HC measurement. The GC performs fast C1 to C5 analysis ( 30 seconds, preserving the C1-C2 separation at 200:1 concentration ratios) with a detection limit of 10 ppm as methane (CH4), while the total HC detector continuously monitors total HCs down to 0.003% and up to 100% as CH4.