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- Model PRO MP-6 - Battery Operated Multi-Point Lubrication System



perma PRO MP-6 is a battery operated multi-point lubrication system. The user can select LC unit sizes 250 cm³ and 500 cm³. Each perma PRO can be programmed for grease dispensing in days, weeks or months, up to a maximum dispensing period of 2 years. The MP-6 distributor dispenses directly without pressure loss and enables tube extensions up to 5 m.

perma PRO MP-6 is suitable for the lubrication of roller- and sliding bearings, linear guides, open gears, spindles, motor shaft seals, generators, pumps, fans and linear guide systems in robots. Applications can be found in all types of industries: from steel to paper, heat and power stations, from mining to automotive.

Setting via push button with display and LED

Outlet display
LED red/green = function

  • Easy configuration of discharge period and outlets
  • Display of remaining volume and active outlets
  • Status control on display
  • Easy to set and change at any time

MP-6 distributor with 6 outlets – Number of active outlets can be user-defined

  • Supply of 1 to 6 lubrication points with same lubricant amount
  • Precise supply of lubrication points
  • Monitoring of lubrication point status

Pressure build-up to 25 bar allows remote mounting up to 5 m per outlet

Additional discharge (purge)

  • Installation outside of dangerous areas or at easy-to-reach places increases workplace safety and saves time
  • Higher equipment availability, since exchange during running operation possible
  • Lubrication point can be purged to clear blockages

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