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- Battery Recycling Systems Effluent Treatment Plant



Battery Recycling Systems, is wholly owned by The Wirtz Group of Companies offers complete effluent treatment plants for lead acid battery recycling facilities. These systems use a neutralizing agent to treat all of the liquid that is discharged from your battery breaking and separation system. The system capacity is sized to match the capacity of your battery breaker and separation system. The effluent treatment plant is designed as either a closed loop system, or to discharge the liquid to a treated water discharge. The treated water from the system can be recirculated, or used as clean industrial water for internal plant wash down.

Battery Recycling Systems has installed effluent treatment plants globally, and can customize the facility layout to fit a specific space or customer need. Please contact Wirtz to get started with sizing a system to meet your requirements.

System Features:

  • Multiple system capacities available to process between 1.5 liter per second of liquid to over 5.0 liters per second (sized depending on discharge from battery breaker system)
  • Closed loop discharge with no liquid discharge from plant
  • Filter cake meets USA environmental leachate standards
  • Produces clean industrial water for use in plant
  • Fully automatic, PLC controlled system

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