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- Seminal Stormwater Treatment Unit


BaySaver’s BaySeparator, our seminal stormwater treatment unit, is a highly effective method of stormwater protection. This patented three path system was designed to remove over 80% of TSS, using density differences and gravity to remove suspended solids and floatables from stormwater runoff, and keep it from entering our waterways. It is proven technology that is essential and easy to install.

Three Flow Paths. One Effective System.

The BaySeparator utilizes three flow paths to route stormwater between the precast structures and trap pollutants, keeping them separate until they are removed during routine maintenance.

The incoming flow is first treated in the primary manhole, where coarse sediments settle undisturbed during high and low flow events. Water containing free oils, fine sediments, and floatables is then diverted to the storage manhole for secondary treatment. Contaminants in the storage manhole are trapped offline. The remainder of the flow passes through the separator unit, over the internal bypass plate, to avoid the resuspension of collected contaminants. This direct path of the water flow assures that the system will not cause a backup in the storm drain.

All BaySeparators can be fabricated into multiple sizing combinations to fit a variety of applications and custom installations. Each manhole has unobstructed access to captured pollutants and reduced disposal costs. It’s effective, economical, and easy to maintain.

The BaySeparator is effective, economical, and easy to maintain.
BaySaver products are dedicated to providing enhanced pollution prevention through ongoing innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Take a look at the BayFilter and the Barracuda for even more discoveries designed with the purpose of keeping our public waterways safe.

  • Customizable systems
  • Multiple sizing combinations
  • Easy maintenance

  • Enhanced pollution prevention
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Low maintenance costs

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