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FreshDuct is a powerful odor eliminator product for HVAC systems and other industrial indoor areas. This odor “eater” is specially formulated to kill and control odors at the source in HVAC systems. Simply take off the lid, flip the product and leave in the duct work. FreshDuct Gel encapsulates and controls odor instantly. Use it as an effective odor eliminator in HVAC systems.

Available in lavendar and citrus.

Use in HVAC systems to manage odor

  • Removes odors at their source.
  • Additional Product Information:

FreshDuct Gel makes it easy to manage odors in HVAC systems for up to three months. Simply pop open the lid, flip the product onto the lid and place in the HVAC airstream. FreshDuct Gel takes care of the rest, releasing pleasant, odor fighting scents into the air flow.

Available in a variety of packaging sizes.

  • Part#: 468-01, 1/2 lb lavender
  • Part#: 469-01, 1 lb lavender
  • Part#: 470-01, 1/2 lb citrus
  • Part#: 471-01, 1 lb citrus


  • Available in a variety of sizes, 1/2 lb and 1lb containers.
  • Available in citrus and lavender.
  • Apply directly in airstream
  • Lasts up to 180 days (1lb version)


  • Available in 1/2 lb (90 day) and 1lb (180 day) sizes.
  • Part numbers
  • Lavender - 1/2 lb - 468-01
  • Lavender - 1lb - 469-01
  • Citrus - 1/2 lb - 470-01
  • Citrus - 1lb - 471-01

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