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- Model 00000001 - Bio Bee Magic Powder

BBMP – powder for the cleaning of oil hydrocarbons (petrol and oils) BBMP (BIO Bee Magic Powder) This powder is especially well suited to soil, water and solid oil spills on the surface, as well as to all types of industries dealing with petroleum products (oil fields, oil wells, railway trails, maintenance facilities, water reservoirs, waterways, rocky or sandy banks, harbours, ponds, swamps and wetlands). BBMP treatment can remove secondary damage within the ecosystem and rapidly accelerate any subsequent cycle of the natural process. BBMP consists of microscopic particles of beeswax with added nutrients. If the powder comes into contact with spilled oil, it binds its hydrocarbons and a fusion of the oil and BBMP occurs. The rest of the process is provided by microorganisms existing all around us (air, ocean, water, soil, etc.) that decompose it. This implies that it is unnecessary to remove the contaminated surface to expensive sanitation dump sites. BBMP is easy to use. Sprinkle the respective surface by hand and let it take effect for several days or weeks, depending on the level of contamination. When using mechanized water cannon, the effective spray contains mixture of BBMP and water. BBMP treatment can be used when dealing with oil substances, diesel oil, petrol or mineral oils spilled on the ground, hydraulic fluids spilled in industrial facilities, leakages from vehicles, fuels leaked to rainwater drainage system, light fuel oils, track ballasts and underground garages.

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