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Model B - Bond Clamp



The B Bond Clamp is intended for making electrical bonds to the metal shield of plastic sheath cables at terminals and at splices. Ft may be used both with dual and single sheath designs in exposed and unexposed plant. The maximum current-carrying capacity of the clamp is equivalent to a No. 6 copper wire or to that of the shield for small diameter cables. Terminations to the stud of the clamp are made with ground straps, bonding ribbon or other approved conductors. The clamp is available in three sizes for cable diameters as listed below and can be ordered with one or two star washer nuts.

  • Sawtooth design scrapes plastic coating on shield to ensure positive contact
  • Exceeds Bellcore specification for current surge protection
  • Meets Bellcore 'Use and Reuse1' requirements
  • Individually packaged for ease of handling and storing
  • Made of high quality brass; tin plated for corrosion protection

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