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Bed Filter Tank System



These durable, hard-working, automatic systems are designed to keep your cutting, grinding, drilling, and milling machinery operating at peak performance while keeping the coolant free of swarf, dirt, chips, grit, and other machining by-products. By filtering out harmful contaminants, coolant life is greatly extended saving both coolant replacement and labor change-out costs.

Rugged, heavy-duty Bed Filter Tank System is available in 31, 41, 54 and 67 gallon tank sizes. Make the right decision for your shop floor—choose the high performance Bed Filter Tank System from Graymills.

Rugged, Durable Construction

This reliable Bed Filter Tank System is built to give years of service on your shop floor.

Extra-Strength Chain Links

Industrial strength chain links resist binding and offer trouble- and kink-free operation. Heavy center rods add durability and strength.

Float and Shut-off Mechanism

Specially designed float mechanism is engaged when the dirty fluids blind off the filter paper. A switch starts the motor which moves the filter media along replacing it with clean filter media to allow the filtration process to continue – automatically!

Custom tanks and systems, and larger sizes up to 100gpm are available.  Consult factory for details.

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