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- Model ToxCO - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Breath Analyser



The ToxCO® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors for quick, easy and non-invasive screening for CO poisoning through breath analysis and ambient air monitoring.

The ToxCO is an easy to use, non-invasive breath and ambient air CO monitor, with three sampling modes, enabling breath samples to be taken from patients of any age or consciousness, and the monitoring of ambient levels to alert staff of potentially fatal levels of CO in the air.

The mouthpiece and facemask sampling modes allow the user to test a patient independent of their consciousness; while the ambient sampling mode will safeguard the user, alerting them if they are entering area with high levels of CO. The ToxCO reduces unnecessary hospital admissions through its instant diagnosis but also helps to save the lives of your patients and your staff.

  • The monitor provides instant results shown in exact ppm which makes interpreting patient's results quick and easy.
  • The colour touch screen is quick and easy use, with visual prompts for patients during each test to ensure correct results every time.
  • There is automatic calibration and D-piece renewal reminders to prolong the life of your monitor, ensure accurate readings and increase infection control.
  • The monitor has built in SteriTouch technology to ensure optimum infection control.
  • D-pieces are used in conjunction with the monitor to filter out 99.9% of airborne bacteria and single-use Steribreath™ mouthpieces for excellent, low cost infection control
  • The ToxCO has storage for up to 100 readings and 10 personal profiles.
  • Five-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.

  • Concentration : 0-600 ppm
  • Display : Full-colour touchscreen
  • Detection Principle : Electrochemical sensor
  • Accuracy (repeatability of reading) : < ± 5%
  • Hydrogen cross-sensitivity : <6%
  • Batteries : 3xAA
  • Response time : < 30 seconds
  • Operating temperature range : 10-40°C
  • Operating humidity : 15-90% non-condensing
  • Sensor operating life : 5 years
  • Sensor sensitivity : lppm
  • Dimensions : Approx. 34 x 75 x 140mm
  • Weight : 200g (including batteries)
  • Monitor construction : Polycarbonate/ABS blend SteriTouch anti-microbial additive

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