Bell Housing And Flexible Coupling Direct-Drive Pressure Washer Pumps


The bell housing and flexible coupling provide another reliable alternative for direct-drive electric pressure washers. The bell housing provides a secure alignment, while the flexible coupling provides a cushion during on-off operation. Our durable couplings feature a urethane spider designed for high rpm and high temperature yielding exceptional life for your direct-drive electric pressure washer. Our BHFC provide easy assembly with many electric motors and mate with our 3 Frame and 5 Frame plunger pumps and our 3CP, 5CP and 7CP plunger pumps.

  • Special urethane flexible spyder designed for extended life with high temperature and high RPM.
  • For a complete drive package, combine with CAT PUMPS’ Bell Housing.


Cat Pumps offers cost-effective solutions for your high pressure liquid pumping applications. Our product line has responded to market needs and environmental concerns. We have developed high pressure pumps with state-of-the art designs and features, such as our flushed manifolds for high temperature liquids, low lubricity liquids and high vapor liquids like CO2. Our triplex PD pump design provides high energy-efficiency, long life, low maintenance and low life-time operating costs.

Companies from all industries and markets have incorporated Cat Pumps' custom pumping systems into their operations to save money, reduce downtime, improve production, enhance product quality or ensure a safe environment. Whatever the application, we can help you find a dependable solution.

Cat Pumps are active in all commercial and industrial, civilian, military and government markets for transfer and high pressure liquid pumping applications whether pumping fresh water, DI water, wastewater, seawater, oils, chemicals, foam, liquid CO2, sanitizers, pesticides, chamicals or food products.

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