Bobruisk Agromash

Bobruisk Agromash

- Model RSK-12 - Mixer Feeder



Mixer-feeder RSK-12 “Belmix” is designed for chopping and preparing multi-component feed mixtures (roots, hay, haylage, feedstuff and others), transportation and distribution of balanced feed into bunks or to the feed table. The mixer-feeder is equipped with an electronic device to control the quantity of loaded feed. The mixer-feeder makes it possible to get more than 85 per cent uniformity of multi-component feed mixtures, reduces unevenness of feeds distribution along the feedway till 5-10 per cent and increases cattle productivity by 12-15 per cent with the same feeds.

Bunker capacity, m3 12,0
Load-carrying capacity, t 4,3
Overall dimensions, m
length 6,1
width 2,2
height 2,45
Weight, t 4,36
Time for mixing, min    5…7
Unevenness of mixing, % 19,5
Discharge capacity, kg/m 5…55
Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 1,4
Tractor drawbar device  type (MTZ) TSU-2/TSU-2B (hydraulic hook/yoke)

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