Canamidex International Corp.

Belt Conveyor for Sludge


Canamidex conveyors designed for transport of dewatered sludge, racking or sludge cakes, also they manufactured according to the requirements of the process can be either in stainless steel or carbon steel with coating. Different sizes and inclinations are applicable. Flat conveyor is one of the simplest and oldest handling equipment for bulk materials. It can be also used to control the flow of bulk materials in many chemical processing and storage operations.

  • Very low electrical cost
  • Requires minimal space
  • Conveying and elevating equipment for bulk materials
  • Suitable for handling a wide variety of materials from fine chemicals to screenings and sludge cakes, from wet to dry.
  • Completely stainless steel frame and supports can be supplied.
  • Shuttle type conveyors and belt hipper are available

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