Belt Conveyors


We produce belt conveyors 30; 50 and 130 t/h capacity and any belt width with standard length up to 100 m. Belt conveyor is designed for powdery materials and pieces horizontal transportation (with limitation of inclination angle up to 30 degrees). Equipment can transport grain and corn, seeds of leguminous and oleaginous plants, different fodder products (dust, pellet, granulates and briquette) and others. Raw material transportation may be carried on continous way with manual or mechanical loading.

  • grain processing (receiving, cleaning, drying, storage, dispatching)
  • mills and fodder agitators
  • agricultural farms
  • food industry plants

Belt conveyors FPT400 and FPT650 series are produced in industry technology.

  • made completely in galvanized iron 2 or 3 mm thickness
  • whole contruction joined with screws of 8.8 hardness
  • two options of conveyor: covered and non covered
  • possibility of cart with electrical diverter application (possibility of flat storages strewing)
  • belt conveyors are equipped with normal belt dual separator or oilproof belt dual separator

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