Belt Conveyors


Belt conveyors are the ideal solution for gentle horizontal as well as sloping grain transport, seeds, grinding grain, granules and other loose products. Their characteristic feature is the small energy consumption and 100% cleaning. AgrAlex produces the highest quality durable belt conveyors that are able to meet the toughest working conditions such as transshipment ports, grain terminals, feed mixing plants, grain warehouses.

belt conveyors is between 100-860 t/h. 
We supply both belt conveyors galvanized and painted.
Belt conveyors are designed in accordance with all standards and regulations. They can also be supplied with additional equipment which ensures compliance with the ATEX standard.

  • Sensor of belt slippage
  • Overflow sensor
  • Guide rollers
  • Discharge trolley
  • Lower cover
  • Top cover
  • Oil-resistant belt
  • Food belt

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