Canamidex International Corp.

Belt Thickener


Canamidex sludge thickening system designed to reduce your sludge volume by up to 90%. It is ideal for thickening prior to processes such as digestion or dewatering, and for reducing sludge volume prior to storage or transportation.

Gravity belt thickeners are primarily used for sludge volume reduction prior to digestion, dewatering or disposal. They are a continuously operating machine which thicken sludge by gravity on a revolving porous filter belt. They generally produce a pump able thickened sludge. They are commonly installed in waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, food and dairy industries, abattoirs,pulp and paper industries.

  • Organic and inorganic sludge
  • Both P-S and P line range of gravity belt thickeners will provide the lowest whole life cost for most thickening applications.
  • Highest Thickening Capacity
  • Maximum retention in thickening zone with sludge deflection unit and sludge plough design
  • High belt speed for maximum provision of filter media
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Possibility of single belt drive motor to drive filter belt between rollers cause lower power consumption
  • Belt tracking and flocculation tank motors eliminated through machine design
  • Lowest Flocculent Consumption
  • No shear stresses applied to the sludge in the thickening process
  • Highest Filtrate Quality
  • Filtrate water and wash water can be returned separately
  • Filtrate water can be used for belt washing
  • Duplex stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Minimum moving parts resulting in minimum maintenance requirements
  • Unique enclosure design ensuring all mechanical and electrical components remain outside the harsh, wet and gaseous environment with the thickener
  • Possibility of fully automatic operation and suitable for outdoor installation

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