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BENTOMAT Geosynthetic Clay Liners available in a wide range of configurations, meeting your project requirements. When designing with GCLs, engineers should consider shear strength, hydraulic performance and chemical compatibility in order to assure a stable, long-lasting and high-performing liner system. BENTOMAT can be configured with various components in order to ensure maximum value and performance. Not all projects have the same performance requirements for the lining system. BENTOMAT is available in a variety of product configurations to meet the needs of your project.

Interface and internal shear strength
Depending on the site conditions the interface and internal shear strength requirements may vary. BENTOMAT is available in a non-reinforced configuration to allow maximum value for your site. It is also available with the industry leading highest needle-punch density providing maximum performance when high internal shear strength is needed.

BENTOMAT is also offered in a woven/nonwoven configuration (ST) and in a double nonwoven (DN) configuration. The DN configuration provides maximum performance when the project calls for the highest interface friction values.

Hydraulic performance
BENTOMAT is available in several configurations to meet hydraulic performance requirements. The 200R, ST and DN configurations typically meet hydraulic performance requirements in relatively low hydrostatic conditions. When conditions call for enhanced hydraulic barrier performance, CETCO offers our InterLoKTM geosynthetic clay liner that exhibits a hydraulic conductivity five times less than standard geosynthetic clay liners and our Composite Laminate series incorporating smooth (CL) and textured (CLT) plastic membranes offering the highest level of hydraulic barrier performance.

BENTOMAT GCLs have proven performance and compatibility with a wide range of chemicals when used in typical applications. For maximum compatibility performance CETCO offers our RESISTEX line of GCLs.

  • SupergrooveTM technology allows bentonite to migrate out and self-seam at the overlap
  • Granular bentonite creates less dust during installation and is less likely to shift during needlepunch reinforcement
  • Needlepunch reinforcements allows BENTOMAT to withstand shear stresses on steep slopes
  • Fully hydrated GCL has a permeability of 5 x 10-9 cm/sec, approximately 20 times lower than a typical CCL


Bentomat ST
BENTOMAT ST is the most commonly specified GCL in the world, proving ideal for standard applications involving slopes up to 3H: 1V. BENTOMAT ST consists of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite encapsulated between woven and non-woven geotextiles, which are needle-punched together to provide internal reinforcement. The internal reinforcement minimizes clay shifting, thus allowing the GCL to maintain consistent low permeability and maximum performance under a wide variety of field conditions.


Bentomat DN
BENTOMAT DN is commonly used in some of the most demanding applications including canyon landfills in the western United States, where slopes are as steep as 1.5H: 1V. This GCL is reinforced and consists of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite between two heavier weight non-woven geotextiles, making this GCL suitable for applications requiring high internal and interface shear strength.


Bentomat 200R     BENTOMAT 200R is a needle-punched GCL consisting of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite encapsulated between light-weight non-woven and woven geotextiles. This GCL is an excellent cost-effective alternative to compacted clay as the low-permeability liner under a geomembrane in applications with slopes up to 10H: 1V, or where high internal shear strength is not critical.


Bentomat CL
BENTOMAT CL is a reinforced GCL consisting of two carrier geotextiles encapsulating a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite, with a flexible membrane liner laminated to one side. This GCL provides excellent hydraulic performance and has puncture and tensile strengths beyond conventional plastic membranes. These characteristics make this GCL applicable for use in landfill covers, ponds and liquid containment projects with slopes up to 3H: 1V.


Bentomat CLT
BENTOMAT CLT is a reinforced GCL consisting of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite between two geotextiles and laminated to a textured HDPE geomembrane. The addition of the geomembrane to the GCL increases the hydraulic resistance, and the textured surface increases the interface friction between the GCL and adjacent substrate. These characteristics make this GCL ideal for more demanding landfill covers and liquid containment applications involving steep slopes.

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