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Each year, more than 280 billion beverage cans are manufactured worldwide, and more than 85 percent of them are made from aluminum. Novelis aluminum can sheet provides the perfect input material for the efficient production of aluminum beverage cans. Aluminum is the world's most recyclable can-packaging material—used beverage cans are melted down and turned into a new can inexpensively and efficiently, with a 'can-to-can' cycle of about 60 days. It's a dynamic that serves everyone—our company, our customers, our communities and our planet.

Aluminum cans are:

  • Lightweight, strong, affordable, consistent
  • Exceptional barriers against air, light and moisture—ideal extenders of product shelf life
  • Brightly finished, providing a perfect 'canvas' for attractive decoration and product branding

A Global Evolution
Aluminum cans are something most people take for granted, but in the eyes of Novelis, they are an evolutionary, premium product—and the subject of ongoing technical refinement and innovation.

Our Global Can Technology Team delivers industry-leading technological expertise and facilities via our applied technology laboratories in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. We also work in our customers' facilities and our own pilot lines to assist with customized packaging solutions and more efficient manufacturing processes. For more information about Novelis' aluminum can sheet and manufacturing process innovation, see product innovation.

Finally, Novelis believes a commitment to recycling needs to be real—not merely theoretical. As the world's largest recycler of aluminum beverage cans, Novelis operates aluminum beverage can recycling facilities on four continents and drives increased recycling of cans across the globe.

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