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- Model Carb OX - Filtration Media



Bi-On Carb OX is property engineered product. The specific carbon grades combined with an exclusive blend of inorganic catalytic phases allows a particularly high H2S absorption capacity. Bi-On Carb OX yields very effective removal of methyl mercaptans as well as some volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The active centers of metal oxide inBi-On Carb OX convert H2S into sulfur (S). Subsequently this sulfur then migrates and is accumulated in the micro pores of the active carbon. As a result, metallic oxides are again available to oxidize new H2S molecules.

Unlike other filtration media, Bi-On Carb OX does not convert H2S into sulfuric acid (H2SO4), which could cause corrosion problems in equipment.

  • Highest levels of H2S adsorption capacity.
  • High loading capacity = longer life
  • Combined adsorption of different gases
  • Avoids equipment corrosion problems.
  • Elevated concentrations of CO2 do not affect the adsorption capacity.
  • Landfill disposable.
  • Minimized risk of fire due to its high ignition temperature (420ºC)
  • Resistance against generation of dust and fine particles.

Bi-On Carb OX is designed for waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and sludge deposits. Considering the high H2S absorption capacity, as well as the combined adsorption results on other compounds with low olfactory measurability. Other applications include corrosion control at refineries or pulp and paper industry.

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