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- Model SORB - Spherical Alumina Based Media



Bi-On SORB is a spherical alumina based media. Impregnated with Potassium Permanganate during manufacturing.

Bi-On SORB uses the combined action of physical and chemical processes to control gas emissions. Oxidized gases are converted into harmless products such as CO2, water and salts.

Bi-On SORB is designed to efficiently eliminate pollutants such as acidic gases, Nitrogen and Sulphur containing compounds, and low molecular weight volatiles.

  • High efficiency
  • Wide spectrum of gas adsorption
  • Higher loading capacity
  • Visual indicator when product is consumed
  • It allows blends with other active principles

Bi-On SORB is recommended for a wide range of applications such as waste water treatment plants, pulp and paper plants, airports, chemical plants, refineries, exhaust gases and more.

  • Bi-On SORB
  • Bi-On SORB MAX

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