Biaxial (BX) Geogrids


Biaxial Geogrids improve the structural integrity of roadways by confining and distributing load forces. Geogrids provide support for the construction of access roads, highways and applications on weak subgrades that previously required expensive over-excavating and replacing. Geogrids are also used for road construction on stable subgrades to reduce aggregate thickness requirements and/or extend roadway performance life.

  • Reduced lateral spreading of the base course
  • Increased confinement leading to stiffer base
  • Reduced asphalt fatigue

Overall, roads and railways designed with geogrids can see increased load bearing capacity, a longer service life and reduced section thickness.

In MSE applications, Biaxial Geogrids are an integral part of the MSE system for building approach walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, temporary walls (including staging platforms, traffic diversion, and pre-load walls) and vegetated Reinforced Steepened Slopes (RSS). These polymeric grids are inert to chemical degradation and can be used with a variety of backfill materials. For more information on these applications, visit our MSE Walls & Slopes page

SpectraPave4-ProTM Software

SpectraPave4-Pro* software is an industry-leading analysis tool that leverages over two decades of full-scale research and practical experience. This software accurately predicts the performance of geogrid reinforced and unreinforced structures for both paved and unpaved applications. The software offers two cost analysis tools to evaluate design options for paved and unpaved roads incorporating select types of geogrids.

SpectraRail* software provides geotechnical engineers the most powerful tool available for evaluating design options and optimizing railway systems using Tensar® Geogrids. 

SpectraRail Software enables users to:

  • Evaluate and compare designs for both unstabilized and mechanically stabilized rail roadbeds with comprehensive cost analysis for each alternative
  • Estimate track settlement for a specific level of performance

* Please note, this software is only available in Canada.

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