- Model 20183 - Fabricated Universal Venturi Tube (UVT)



To fill the varied demands in the field of fluid measurement, BIF offers the Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) in a series of designs that allow the use of many metals in the form of rolled plate, forgings, and bar stock.  Thus, the combined advantages of power savings from low head loss, maximum accuracy, and short laying length can be obtained in metals proven best for a given application. The intermediate and larger flow tubes (generally from 8” up) are strong weldments of rolled or forged sections. Smaller tubes are machined from bar stock for customer savings, depending on availability of materials. All surfaces are precisely machined to UVT formula for accurate prediction of flow characteristic.

  • Standard Sizes Available
  • Multiple uses of Materials for Construction
  • Pressure Vessel / Insert / Bi-Directional / Rectangular
  • Accuracy from .5 % to 1% (Uncalibrated)

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