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- Hydraulic Breaker



The Hydraulic Breaker makes quick work out of a tough job. The smart and efficient design provides a workhorse with only two moving parts. Vibration and shock are controlled by shock absorbing polymers, minimizing machine wear and sound while improving operator comfort level. Easily smash through concrete, even on an incline, with the hardest hitting breakers in their respective impact energy classes. Only two moving parts, one grease fitting, low recoil and minimal hydraulic pressure spike, and unique trapezoidal shock wave for greater breaking power.

  • Power booster for high performance and low vibration
  • Central lubrication
  • Field replaceable bushing for easier maintenance
  • Hybrid technology (gas/oil)
  • Innovative design with fewer components for higher reliability
  • Effective noise and vibration damping
  • Highly efficient internal control valve

Moil Tool Point (standard)                
Chisel Tool Point                
Blunt Tool Point                
Factory Installed Couplers   

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