- Deluxe Ranch Chute with Left-Hand Controls


The most innovative and technologically advanced chute in the cattle industry. A patented noise reduction system of 130 contact points sheathed in oil based polyethylene to significantly reduce the noise level. Full-opening head and tail door The headgate is wrapped in rubber to prevent shoulder damage to the animal Hydraulic head restraint (becomes half of the neck bars when used that way) Rubber louvers prevent animals from seeing humans to the side of chute Dual additional neck access for precision vaccination Choice of power units For animals form 350 lbs. on up. Premium powder coat paint - Green Other models and options, including side exits are available.

  • Overall Height: 99'
  • Inside Height: 69'
  • Inside Chute Length: 96'
  • Overall Length w/ Self-Catch Nek- Stenders and Split Tailgate: 114'
  • Overall Length w/ either Headgate, w/ Vertical Tailgate: 104'
  • Usable Inside Floor Width: 23'
  • Weight: 1245 LBS

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