- Model S 151 - Mini Spray Dryer


The Mini Spray Dryer is a useful laboratory equipment which can turn liquid solution into dry powder quickly and safely without causing damage to the sample. A simple but smartly designed system, it has many outstanding features include high efficiency, easy to set-up, easy to operate and control the drying process. It can be operated continuously and efficiently. The equipment can safely work with solutions in most available organic solvents. Many users testified its easy operation, safety and other features. The equipment can be used in many areas, such as drying the solutions of natural products, cosmetics and aroma, pharmaceutical active ingredients (API), heat-sensitive biopharmaceuticals, or petroleum, etc. Its outstanding features greatly extend the area of application that is possible with a spray drying process.

Application Theory
The spray dryer adopts the dual-fluid nozzle method, which disperses the liquid into fine droplets, and then the droplets are dried quickly and gently in the dryer chamber. The equipment body is made of stainless steel; therefore it is strong and elegant looking. The glass accessories, which have direct contact with sample, can withstand high temperature and resist corrosion. The glass parts also make it possible to visually observe the drying process and they are easy to assemble and interchange.

Areas of application

  • Spray drying of various types of solutions including suspension and micelle.
  • Spray drying with organic solvent
  • Product structure modifications
  • Particle Agglomeration
  • Micro-encapsulation and coating

Market field

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Foodstuffs
  • Aromas and perfume
  • Paints and Varnishes
  • New Materials including nano-materials, porcelain, etc.

Easy operation: The operation parameters, such as input and output temperatures, gas flow rate, liquid sample flow rate, air flow rate and the interval of automatic nozzle cleaning, can be adjusted in real time, to optimize the drying conditions. This helps ensure a trouble-free drying process and achieve high quality result.

  • High recovery and fast assembly: Its novel design resulted in superb functionality and performance of the spray dryer. The optimize cyclone separator effectively separates the particles and vapor, and collects the dried product with high recovery. The assembly of the glass parts is amazingly fast, easy and simple. The glass cylinder can be inserted with a single hand in short time.
  • Able to work with small sample volume: Unlike larger spray dryer, the Mini Lab Spray Dryer is able to work with sample volume as low as 10 mL. This opens the door for various uses in the drying of lab scale samples.
  • Valuable reference for scale-up: The optimized parameters from lab scale dryer are valuable reference for scale-up production. Many of the parameters can be directly adopted in scale-up, such as the input/out temperature, etc.

Maximum drying capacity 1500 mL/h
Drying time 1.0 ~ 1.5 second
Maximum temperature of drying air 240℃
Heating temperature accuracy ±1℃
Max. Air flow rate ≤ 35 m3/h
Compressed air flow rate and pressure 1200 L/h 5-8bar
Nozzle tip diameter Ф 0.7mm (other options: 1.0mm/Ф1.4mm/Ф2.0mm)
Magnetic Stirrer Specification Speed Range:0-1600rpm, continueously Torque: 25mn.m Stirring capacity: 20 – 3000 mL
Voltage 220V
Current Consumption ≤ 16 A
Power ≤3000W
Dimension (L x W x H in mm) L-117 model: 600×450×1005 L-217 model: 850×775×1005
Weight 55kg
Support Base Dimension (L x W x H in mm) 620×400×500
Support Base Weight 20kg

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