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- Model 28 - 170 mm - Inflatable Single Packers



Geopro manufactures a complete range of inflatable single packers available in nine different diameters from 0 28mm up to 0 170mm. These packers are mainly used for cement grouting, permeability testing...

The basic components of the packers are :

  • The upper fixed end (FE) equipped with one or two inflation inlets with one adapter.
  • The center pipe (CP) , made of stainless steel
  • The dilatable element (S) , mounted with steel fittings on both sides
  • The sliding end (SE) , equipped, up to Ø 102mm, with a scraper ring. All Geopro packers are supplied with inflation adapter IA (quick coupling type). Cutting ring coupling are also available on request

The length (L) of the dilatable element depends on the application requirements.

Standard lengths are:

  • L : 300mm for Ø 28,30 and 42mm packers.
  • L : 500mm and 1000mm for Ø 28,30, 42, 56, 72, 85 and 102mm packers.
  • L : 1000mm for Ø 130 and 170mm packers.

Other lengths are also available on request. These single packers can be easily transformed into Zl double packer

Main specifications and dimensions

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