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In our modern, polluted world, the implementation of Green and sustainable technologies are becoming increasingly booming and it is now being assumed with more responsibility from the technological point of view. Among the main polluting actions of human beings on the planet, chemical fertilization of productive soils is undoubtedly the greatest impact of all in the long term.

Bio Global Group Inc., produces organic fertilizers from Red Californian Worms (Eisenia foetida Sav.) Making liquid and solid quality Worm humus. This is a totally natural organic and free of chemical inputs (NPK) fertilazer, offered in different presentations for large and small farmers in the Lake Ockechobee región.

In our 85 Acres Biological farm, our company is based on green production principle, starting with livestock production, which gives us the controlled production of manure, in order to achieve the recycling and reuse of waste materials within our production systems, testing different techniques and procedures which in the near future will be ofered not only as new products but as part of workshops programs for farmers in the region.

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