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BIO-Slurping Multi-Phase Extraction



This technique utilises uses the similar techniques to those used for dual-phase extraction utilising appropriate vacuum pumps to suit the application which might include claw pumps, oil ring or water ring explosion types. The Multi-Phase-Extraction process (MPE) enables free-phase LNAPL/DNAPL, lubricants or crude oils etc to be abstracted together with groundwater and soil vapour. This is achieved by the careful design, positioning and control of the extraction lances. It is important to size the extraction lances and their termination orifices carefully in order to ensure that vacuum is not lost if one or more lances ceases to be submerged. Poorly sized designs can lead to the loss of adequate vacuum to raise liquid from the wells even if one lance ceases to be submerged. Our systems are designed to optimise vapour extraction whilst ensuring sufficient vacuum, under all conditions to lift the liquid phase from the wells.

Often, dual vacuum headers and inlet separators using two or more vacuum pumps are employed to maximise the flexibility of the system to meet site needs. This allows the operator to operate under many regimes as the remediation progresses such as:-

  • High vacuum in some areas and lower vacuum in others. This allows remediation to be varied to match the differing nature of the ground and its contamination within the overall area to be treated
  • Dual phase DPE or Multiphase MPE extraction on one header and simple vapour phase (SVE) on the other, thus allowing multiple remediation techniques to be employ simultaneously for optimum treatment of each area of contamination

The systems are designed to allow different wells to be connected to the different headers to provide maximum flexibility as the remediation of the contaminated site progresses and conditions change.

MPE offers the many advantages to the remediation technicians including:-

  • A simple and robust flexible system
  • Elimination of the need for installation and control of complex mechanical pumping and skimming systems with their associated high maintenance requirements.
  • Simplified abstraction of difficult viscous or dense products such as lubricating oil
  • No complex down-hole skimmer pump systems;
  • Simplified creating of cones of depression, providing combined free-phase product (LNAPL) skimming, together with the water and vapour abstraction when desired

The GeoStream Pilot System can prove to be invaluable in determining the design parameters for a full scale plant and is strongly recommended.


A GeoStream system would be provided with the appropriate ex-situ treatment equipment to treat the abstracted streams as is appropriate. A complete range of associated vapour, water and recovered product treatment technologies are available, including:-

  • Catalytic Oxidation (CATOX)
  • Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption (GAC)
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Scrubbing Systems
  • Air Stripping Systems
  • Enclosed Air Stripping Systems
  • Oil Water Separation Systems

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