Bioactivators for Anaerobic Digestion Process


We operate in the renovable energy sector with a complete product range of bioactivators designed to ensure the proper management of the system and improve the use of biomass input. Our products are mainly biological formulations based on enzymes and microorganisms, which used in the process of anaerobic digestion enhance biogas plant efficiency.

The anaerobic digestion process  is a biological process in which organic substances are degraded and turned into biogas. This process occurs in absence of oxygen and is conducted by a set of microorganisms that transform the organic substances into methane.

From the biological viewpoint, the anaerobic digestion process is a rather complex one and is made up of various stages: hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. Each one of these stages features specific reactions and each one is essential towards the production of the biogas.

Our Biogas products:

BIOLASE: Enzymatic activator for anaerobic digestion process.
ELEMENT: Macro and micro elements supplement.
DESOLF: Powerful iron base formulation for hydrogen sulphide abatement.
XELERA: Bacterial-enzymatic product for the improvement of anaerobic digestion process.
DENOX: Ammonia sequestering agent.
FOAMSTOP: Defoaming agent without silicones.
TAMPH: pH change control.

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