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Designing a solution for the micro-to-small-scale waste market requires an innovative adaption and improvement of traditional anaerobic digestion technology. After years of R&D, the revolutionary BioBeetle Anaerobic Digestion System was developed and represents one of very few biogas systems on the market for micro-to-small scale waste producers.

The BioBeetle is a packaged, ready-to-use biogas plant system that is manufactured offsite, and delivered to the client’s door. Waste is digested in the system and used to produce two distinct, usable products:

  • Biogas produced by the BioBeetle can be used to supplement on-site use of natural gas or for electricity generation
  • Organic soil nutrient is an odorless, nutrient-rich additive compound of approximately 3-4% dissolved solids that not only improves soil quality, structure, water retention and erosion control, but also reduces composting times by up to 70% if used as a compost accelerator.

The BioBeetle is currently operating as a demonstration unit in Albany NY, Millstone NJ and in India, where a BioBeetle (Above Photo) is processing sugarcane waste (filtercake mud) from a sugarcane cooperative in the state of Maharashtra.


  •     Highly cost competitive
  •     100% solid waste utilization
  •     Converts up to 2 tons of feedstock per day
  •     Zero odor emissions

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