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- Wastewater Bioremediation


Biodegradation is the Earth's natural process of converting organic matter into environmentally safe by-products including water, carbon dioxide and methane gas. This process is accomplished through naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Although these micro-organisms are naturally occurring, certain extraneous factors may not be conducive to proper growth of these microbes or for the reduction of organic compounds. For instance, nutrient levels, presence of chemicals and atmospheric conditions (viz. variations in temperature, oxygen, and pH levels) can adversely affect growth of these micro-organisms.

Bioclean cultures are specifically formulated to resolve problems in wastewater systems receiving high-strength effluents. These microbes are really tough! They have been selectively adapted through a scientific process that develops the bacteria and allows them to degrade tough and toxic compounds that would normally overwhelm naturally occurring bacteria. The Bioclean Series is designed to make good systems operate better and significantly improve conditions in problematic effluent treatment plants. These microbes increase the efficiency of the plants without the need for increasing plant capacity, thereby saving electricity costs.

Bioclean is available in dry concentrate bacterial formulations, specially designed to provide improved waste degradation in wastewater treatment. Each gram of the product contains up to 4 billion microbes. There are up to 76 different strains of bacteria in each Bioclean product, depending upon the formulation type, which can biodegrade very diverse types of molecules. The effluents from respective industries have been carefully analyzed and a unique combination of microbes and biochemical accelerators are processed in a specific proportion, designed to treat the effluent of that particular industry. Even if we do not have a standard formulation for your industry, we can develop the best tailor-made solution for your industry.

  • Digests difficult compounds that are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria or existing generic bacteria.
  • Provides rapid breakdown of difficult-to-degrade substances viz. surfactants, fats, oils, sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds etc.
  • Cultures grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen.
  • BiocleanTM is the only bio-product that can perform efficiently in effluents having high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • No modification of the current process required.
  • Low treatment cost. Increases efficiency of the treatment plant and saves energy costs. Typically costs a fraction of a paisa to treat a litre of effluent.
  • Odour control because of complete biodegradation of organic compounds.
  • Generates minimum sludge as most of the waste is converted to carbon dioxide and water.
  • Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and low quantities of use, making it safe and easy to handle and store.
  • Shelf life is 3 years.

  • Chemical Industries
  • Bulk Drugs Units
  • Formulation Pharmaceutical Units
  • Sugar and Distilleries Industries
  • Food Processing Units
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Fertilisers and Pesticides Industries
  • Refineries
  • Milk, Dairy and Cheese processing units
  • Fisheries and Meat processing units
  • Paper and pulp mills
  • Breweries, Wine and Alcohol plants
  • Solvent Extraction Units
  • Tannery Industries
  • Textile Units
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)

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