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The Biofabrik White Refinery produces fuel and electricity from plastic waste which up to now could not be processed at all, let alone in an economical manner. This way billions of tons of waste suddenly become a valuable resource. With the technology of the Biofabrik White Refinery plastic waste can not only be finally recycled, but also be used for energetic purposes. Contrary to colossal industrial sites our small-sized pyrolysis unit can be installed wherever the waste is generated – in companies, communities and cities all over the world. Additionally it provides a new form of income potential for poorer regions.wth and strengthening in stress situations. Next it is important to highlight the rapidly plant available ammonium nitrogen. Aminoo is a plant-based protein fertilizer used as plant fortifier made of high quality grass silage. It makes more groth up to 64% possible.

Garbage and Energy – two gigantic challenges for humanity

Despite the enormous volume only few are aware that more than 6 million tons of garbage are channeled into the world's oceans every year. Plastic waste contributes to about 75% of the total volume - this corresponds to more than a full truck load of plastic waste per minute. More than a million seabirds die of the consequences every year.

According to estimates more than 100 million tons of plastic material currently circulates in the biggest of the world's five garbage patches. In addition, there are countless dumps all over the world - the biggest one the size of 700 football fields. Since plastic does not decay, a functional recycling concept for synthetic materials is past due.

At the same time global energy consumption is rising at unprecedented speed. The per capita consumption increased by 10% between 1990 and 2008 while the world's population grew by 30%. In the process, tremendous amounts of fossil fuels are needed to produce gasoline, heating oil and electricity.

Biofabrik's White Refinery solves both problems

This is where the White Refinery comes into play, because even for the production of synthetic materials large amounts of petroleum are needed, producing useless solid waste. Yet, a single kilogram of plastic contains up to 10 kilowatt hours of energy - almost as much as in Diesel and enough to charge your cell phone every day for three years. The White Refinery breaks the chemical bonds and converts them back into their liquid form: oil.

The system is able to generate energy from the produced oil using the integrated motor and generator. This enables companies, communities and cities to cover a noteworthy portion of their energy consumption with the generated waste. This provides another pilar for clean energy production in the future alongside wind, water and solar energy.

What may sound as science fiction is, however, chemical principle that has been known for quite some time under the name thermocatalytic depolimerization. The scientific challenge is to perfect the process in a way that enables the conversion of even inhomogeneous waste to high quality oil and to ensure a safe and decentralized operation of the refinery. Furthermore, it is our goal to reach highest levels of economic viability as well as carbon and climate neutrality while meeting the highest environmental standards. Only then will the technology establish itself globally.

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