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The patented BioFicient Process presents an innovative approach for pre-engineered wastewater treatment systems: specifically, reducing biosolids wasting and handling requirements. This means no complex plant operation or RAS/WAS calculations and minimal reduced biosolids to handle, haul and dispose.

BioFicient optimizes bacterial activity through a Bio-Reducer zone and a series of Calorie Reducer zones, which in succession significantly reduces biosolids wasting.

BioFicient requires minimal operator attention and operates at a low noise level because there are no blowers and the pumps are inside the tank.

  • Efficient biological process.
  • Plant is completely covered, above or below grade, resulting in reduced odors.
  • Considerable reduction in sludge handling costs.
  • System is factory-built in a quality-controlled environment and shipped pre-assembled to the jobsite, minimizing field assembly time and installation costs.
  • Reduced noise in operation, as there are no blowers and the pumps are located inside the tank.
  • Minimal operator attention required to operate plant combined with less mechanical equipment to maintain (no blowers) which lowers staffing costs and operation costs.

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